* No enrollment fees.

* Long or short term memberships.

* Joint, family, student and senior (60years) rates.

* Rates well below the national average.

* Automatic monthly payments available.

* Coporate memberships. 

Membership Options

Monthly Billing:

EFT = Electronic Funds Transfer

This is an automatic monthly payment from a banking account. 

Auto Draft, Monthly Payment Amounts

                            # of Members    Monthy Payment
1 $33.00
2 $53.00
3 $73.00
4 $83.00
5 $93.00

Yearly requirements; 

The first payment is due at sign-up, a valid checking or savings account is required. A minimum of 12 drafts will be due, after the twelfth draft, you may cancel with a 30 day notice, no cancellation fees required. If an agreement is cancelled prior to the final payment, a 30 day notice and a $50 cancellation fee is required. A bank fee will be charged to any returned drafts.

Family requirements; 

To qualify for a family agreement, all members of the plan must be residents of the same household only!


In Advance Payment:

   Members Yearly Six Month Three Month
1 $349.00   $209.00    $115.00
2 $594.00   $329.00    $175.00
3 $749.00   $449.00    $235.00
4 $824.00   $499.00    $285.00
5 $899.00   $594.00    $295.00
Senior citizens, full-time students, and active military, may receive 10% off the first member of all regular priced membership agreements. Guest memberships are not included.

Six Month Walking Pass             $50

One Year Walking Pass               $79


Single One Day Pass                               $7

One Week Pass                                     $20

Two Week Pass                                     $25

10 Visit Punch-Card                               $50

Adult One Month Guest Memb.           $45

Senior or Student   One Month Guest Memb.       $39

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Printable Rates


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