Fight Science Gym


Combat Sports Acadmy of Madison

Traditional Values, Modern Techniques

  • Brazilian Jiujitsu
  • Self Defense
  • Kickboxing
  • MMA

Providing training for competition and for life. Our instructors are ranked in traditional arts from Judo to Shaolin and modern arts from Krav Maga to BJJ.

Whether youíre a member of the police, the military, a combat sports competitor, or just looking to be able to protect yourself we have the training thatís perfect to fit your needs.  

No enrollment fees, contracts fees, test fees or other hidden money grabs. Free womenís self-defense classes upon request.


Monday & Wednesday


Family/Individual Training Investment Plans

1 member    $50/month

2 members    $75/month

3 members $120/month

4 membrs $150/month

No charges for additional members after 4

2617 N Wilson Ave    Madison, IN  47250 

Call: 812-701-0173





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